March is National Nutrition Month. Why nutrition is a miracle? Why does it matter foremost? March 8, 2022 10:57

Dr Beetroot is resuming the blogging after few years. Nutrition is a miracle subject. 'March' is 'National Nutrition Month' in Canada. Nutrition supplementation does some times impact the life like  a divine work that does miracles. 'Health foods', 'functional foods', 'nutraceuticals', 'supplements', what ever we name them they help the human surgically perform better. An athlete who missed the podium by missing the target with fraction of seconds or fraction of millimeters or fraction of pounds can tell us the preciousness of the nutritional diets. A poor is a poor because he/she is deprived of required nutrition. Human beings can not break the cycle of poverty because of the insufficient nutrition only. A proper prenatal vitamins and other related nutrition supplemented mom can prevent the autism in their baby.

USA's NASA consecutively failed for six times in successfully launching and operating the Ranger Spacecrafts to moon. When Ranger 7 was launched the mission trajectory engineer Dick Wallace passed peanuts out to the JPL teams to calm their nerves. This was happened on July 28, 1964. From then onwards, the peanuts have shown up in informal countdown check lists on all the future launches until now for last 56 years. On a few occasions, the peanuts didn't make it for launch day. In one case, the spacecraft was lost soon after launch. In another, the launch was delayed for 40 days, and only took place after the lucky peanuts were delivered to the mission team. Read the full story in this link   

Here the interesting reality is the peanut is not just or simply a lucky item to keep it during such 'holding nerve' events. The nutrition say Folic Acid / Folate / Iron etc. what peanut is offering to such innovative; fathering; mothering; massive unique engineering works matter. An in-depth scientific study can reveal it.

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