Beet Ketchup 300 ml / 10 oz


  • Sweet, tiny, tangy, vegan, gluten & dairy free, sodium free
  • Clean label with just six ingredients: Beets, Vinegar, Onion, Sugar, Chia seeds, Garlic and NO SALT. A very healthier & tastier Ketchup. Sugar is 3g in 1 tbsp. Of which 1g is from beets
  • Use it for hot dog, hamburger, french fries, chicken fries, pizza, roasted salad, & mix with sour cream and other sauces like mustard
  • High in Potassium & Folate. 0% Fat, 0% Cholesterol, 0% Sodium, & Low calories
  • 24 months Shelf Life unopened at room temperature
  • Refrigerate after opening, 3 years S/L