About us

Dr Beetroot Canada, currently based at University of Manitoba - Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, Winnipeg is in operation since 2013. It was founded by Anan Palanichamy, a food processing engineer graduated from University of Manitoba and a certified fellow in Food Safety and HACCP. His Grandpa was a Naturopath (popular Tamil Siddha medical practitioner). Introduced by his mom, Anan and his family had more than a decade long personal and commercial experimentation with beetroot and realized its many health benefits say, curing inflammation, over coming anemia, and coming out of iron and folate deficiencies. Having realized the significance of beet benefits, Now Anan's family is committed and envisioning to bring out 15 to 21 food products made of red beets that are suitable for modern day's lifestyle. 

We are happy to let you know that Dr Beetroot's founder & CEO Anandakumar Palanichamy has been selected as one of 2017’s Top 75 Canadian immigrants!  Voting has begun now by Canadian Immigrant Magazine to choose top 25 finalists for its 9th Annual RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards.  Voting line closes by May 22nd. Please visit http://rbctop25.com to vote for Anan. You can also find his full profile there. He is listed on 14th row.

Using no chemicals and just the fresh foods as ingredients for making the products is our policy. Our beets are sourced from Jamor Farms in Portage la Prarie and Peak of the Market, Winnipeg. We are pretty local to Manitoba and our products are very domestic to Canada. 

Last four years, Dr Beetroot has developed 9 beet products using the industrial kitchen owned by Knox United Church, Winnipeg. These products were test-marketed in all leading farmers markets, festivals, trade shows, and wellness expos in MB, ON, AB, and SK. Currently three products, the Beet Ketchup, Beet Sauce, and Beet Juice Drink have been commercialized. You can also find the list of Grocery stores and Restaurants that sell these products on retail basis at the Stores page in this website. Currently, Dr Beetroot is distributing the products to the stores on its own. The other four products, Beet Bread, Beet Jelly, Beet Dip & Diced Beets (dipped in honey) are still being test-marketed and expected to be in the Grocery stores by mid 2017. Dr Beetroot is planning to bring out other 9 more beet products in couple of years span. 

This www.DrBeetroot.ca online store is launched at the end of the year 2014 and running since then. 

Though Beets has been traditionally part of the food habits of many communities across the world and some people have realized many health benefits, there are comparatively less research work is done on beets and its benefits. The magic component in beet is the Nitric Oxide, the wonderful anti-oxidant which widens the blood vessel. You can find the list of nutrients and health benefits in the Why Beets? tab of this website and the links to the related journal articles for the proof.