Scenario & Policy Advocacy Report on Small Scale Food & Direct Farm Marketing in Manitoba March 15, 2015 08:33

Last year, Minister of Manitoba Agriculture, Food, & Rural Devt announced a distinct attention should be given to the growing Small Scale Food sector and Direct Farm Marketing in Manitoba. A group was formed to study this newly emerging sector. Here is the report of this group that was recently published. There are many interesting facts, ideas and recommendations well written in this report. This report concludes that the bond between Consumer & Producer is extremely high in this Small Scale Food initiatives. More than 90% of Manitobans are ready to spend for Small Scale Foods similar or more than the cost they spend at Major Grocery Stores.  How ever the food safety standards should be self monitored by this group. This report has addressed many grey areas. Now this newly emerging sector gets wide attention and will influence the life-style of manitobans very near future. No doubt about it. Following is the link of that report